Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy is for Liberty Church. This policy applies to all persons that provide their personal information to Liberty Church regardless of how their Personal Information is collected.

Should you have any queries regarding the security or integrity of your Personal Information, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0117910040 or at

Liberty Church respects your privacy and the importance of ensuring that your Personal Information is stored and is used in a manner that complies with local data privacy laws.

What is Personal Information?

Personal Information includes information that assists Liberty Church or any person in identifying you. This could be, for example, your name, surname, ID Number or it could be information about how to contact you such as your e-mail address, residential address and even includes your IP address.

Personal Information does not include information that is collected for statistical purposes and which cannot be linked to you or used to identify you.

Special Personal Information is a special category of Personal Information, which includes information about your religious beliefs.

What kind of Personal Information does Liberty Church collect?

Liberty Church collects Personal Information about your identity, how to contact you, information related to your spiritual journey including prayer needs and all interactions with Liberty Church. This could include information about child dedications, baptisms, salvations, weddings etc. Given the nature of Liberty Church, Special Personal Information is collected.

How does Liberty Church collect your Personal Information?

Your Personal Information could be collected through the followings interactions with Liberty Church:

  • Directly through completing a form while on the Liberty Church premises;
  • Telephonic interactions with Liberty Church staff or volunteers;
  • Electronic interactions (E-mail/messaging/social media) with the Liberty Church staff or volunteers;
  • By providing your Personal Information on the Liberty Church website, Planning Center websites or through the use of the Liberty Church or Church Center App.

What does Liberty Church do with your Personal Information?

Liberty Church uses your personal information to ensure that you are able to have a personal relationship with us and to ensure that Liberty Church is able to provide appropriate support to you at whatever stage of your spiritual journey you may find yourself.

In addition to this, your personal information is used for statistical and research purposes to ensure that Liberty Church provides relevant ministry to the community.

From time to time, you may receive communication from Liberty Church regarding events or changes.

How do I access the Personal Information that Liberty Church has about me or my child(ren)?

Any Personal Information held by Liberty Church can be accessed by sending a request for your personal information to

How do I update my Personal Information held by Liberty Church?

Personal Information can be updated by e-mailing or updating your details on the Church Center App.

How do I ensure that Liberty Church deletes my Personal Information that I do not wish for Liberty Church to keep regarding my child(ren) or myself?

Requests for Personal Information to be deleted can be sent to

Changes to this policy

Changes may apply to this policy from time to time and you are requested to review this policy at least once annually.

Acceptance of this policy

By providing us with your Personal Information through any of the above-mentioned means of collection, you consent to Liberty Church using your Personal Information in the manner described herein.

Should the Personal Information be collected from a child, Liberty Church will take the necessary steps to obtain your consent for the processing of the Personal Information.

POPIA Compliance

With the POPI Act coming into effect on 1 July 2021, we would like to ensure that we have your consent to keep your information on our database.

If you would like to be removed from our database, please email us on

To update your information you can download the Church Center app or email us on

As a current or previous Liberty Church attendee or Liberty Church hosted event attendee your information is currently stored on our database.

Your information will be used strictly for registering for church events/services, to communicate church information and/or events via email or telephone, or to track your discipleship journey.

We'll ensure that measures are in place to prevent loss of, damage to or unauthorised destruction of your personal information.

You have the right to:
(1) request confirmation of what personal information of yours we hold;
(2) have your personal information updated or destroyed if it is incorrect, irrelevant, superfluous, misleading or unlawful; and
(3) have any record of your personal information that is unnecessary for the business to keep, destroyed.

If you have any queries please email us on